What is Orchestrate?

Orchestrate is a software platform dedicated to supporting community music. In 2015 we noticed the lack of technology designed to help community music groups go about their business so we set about building it! Being community musicians ourselves, we acutely understand the challenges encountered in community music and pride ourselves on creating technology that is simple, easy to use and gets out of the way to allow you to do what you enjoy most - playing music!

What can Orchestrate do?

Orchestrate is a web platform, which means it can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection. On the road or from the comfort of your own home, Orchestrate is available.


Keep track of who is part of your organisation and their contact details. If you have multiple ensembles, track who is in which ensemble.

Automated billing

Remove the pain of billing members with automated invoices. You specify how often members should be billed and how much they need to pay and we take care of the rest!

Mailing Lists

Easily send emails to members and contacts with integrated and customisable mailing lists.

Music Library

No more rifling through filing cabinets to look for music. Just search for it in Orchestrate.


Track concerts, the members who played in them and what music was performed.

Assets & loans

Keep track of your assets and who you've loaned them to.

...with much more to come!

How much does Orchestrate cost?

Start with a free trial for your first month, then move to simple month-to-month pricing with no hidden costs. Not-for-profit organisations recieve a discount of 50%.



Up to 10 members

Free to use forever


Up to 25 members

$20 / month

$10 / month for NFPs



Up to 50 members

$40 / month

$20 / month for NFPs



Up to 100 members

$60 / month

$30 / month for NFPs



More than 100 members

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